Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Onrust Island

History records that before the VOC seize Anaheim and then replace it with a Batavia, they first have to build Onrust Island (1613), an island in the Thousand Islands group, and two years later began operating as a shipyard, where the ships are tired after through the earth datarik half the distance to the beach, tilted, and patched-board papannya the replacement of obsolete done.

JP Coen, the founder of Batavia always feel suspicious people on Java (referred to by the Javanese people are VOC Central Java, East Java, West Java, and even the people of Kampung Jawa who have been there at that time in Palembang), prefer take advantage of Chinese migrant workers to be rough on the island of Onrust. Owing to the assistance Souw Kong Beng (Chinese migrants who become the first to kapiten Chinese community in the early establishment of Batavia), a number of skilled labor migrants from the Chinese, especially the wood gatherer forced to work in the shipyard on the island of Onrust it.

To protect the island that is now increasingly out of this abrasion eaten accidentally, in the mid-17th century, the island VOC complete with cannon-gun placed on the beach and fortresses watcher. Dismping it, also built a fortress and later in the year 1671, artillery also placed in place in the islands around the island of Onrust, such as the Island Cuyper, Bidadari and coming to protect ships regenerate the middle and protect cargo ship terhdap pirate attacks that led French origin by Francois Caron, or from other sea raider who are many in number.

In the century to 17 and 18, Onrust Island, has a very important role for the COMPANY fully recline strength in the ship. Supported by carpenters, carpenter who is very skilled, shipyard in the small island is also able to improve the ship Endeover the damage after the circumference of the world (1770). James Cook, a ship captain who also write a report about the many Batavia memujinya a shipyard as the best in the entire eastern parts of the earth.

Around the year 1775, Onrust live on the island of 1,200 people. Most of them are tukan timber ships, as are a number of army which flatfoot legal work force. Two years later went about 300 servile, there are dozens of them also women. This small island has also become crowded with a farrago of people, in addition to ships that sail from the month-speaking Europe to Java or from India, Japan, and also from Ambon to Batavia.

In the year 1800 the British came memblokade Batavia. They then burn what is in the island. Not satisfied only that, six years later, in 1806 they came again and not leaving any islands from the shipyard in the centuries before the name is popular in the international shipping duinia. Hilarity in the Onrust also seems becalmed. At the time Deandels that Niew reaction to the Batavia, because Oud Batavia was not considered feasible longer inhabited, the remnants of the building also Onrust Island buildings demolished in the Oud Batavia. Ingredients used untk build Weltervreden (Area Gambir now) as the center of Niew Batavia, including the building Deandels Palace of the current Finance Minister in the Office of Field Service.

Not long after, British control of Batavia (1811-1816) and St Raffles become Lieutenant Gubernurnya. Island Onrust not disentuhnya. Until later in the year 1823 Onrust again be used to repair ships the Dutch East Indies government and the private sector. A floating dry dock in the year 1856 also paired in there. The subsequent years 1868 and a vigorous steam engine to serve ships iron in datangkan in this area. However kegemilangan Onrust seems to have stopped, Port of Tanjung Priok a more complete and unimpeded stopover for ships that operated the large (1883).

Early 20th century, Onrust Island diramaikan back a number of people. Around the year 1911 the island is used as a sanatorium for people with TB are many more that started in Batavia dirty air. Sanatorium is then transferred to the Bidadari Island, along with use Onrust as a candidate for the post congregation of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca will (1920).

Not long later (1933), a number of prisoners placed on the island, including hundreds of male German internment Civil especially after the German occupying the Netherlands. One of the internir German citizens on the island are descendants of the Jews. R. Frukstuck name. Originally he was displaced from Germany to Singapore at the time of Hitler do Genocida top emua derivative Smith. In Singapore because he felt it continues to be pursued Nazi, he moved to the Dutch East Indies. But also because he still berkewarganegaraan Germany, he disingghkan on this island together with other German internment.

Then it independent of Indonesia. And guard prisoners on the island of Onrust trickle find survivors. Island Onrustpun not Onrust (many) more. Meanwhile, the new name of Jakarta Batavia, along with the influx of army troops Dai Nippon, starting felt so crowded. Migrants from the corners of the archipelago race entering the capital. At the same time, the newly independent nation only behind this spirit. Consequently, there is not money so much to attack the disease in Jakarta. Onrust return to the dimafaatkan. This time to isolate those who suffer from infectious diseases, gutter and street beggar (1960-1965). There is no record that on this island after people are isolation diseases, communicable and drifter it. Until then Ali Sadikin Bung Karno be appointed by the Governor of Buenos Aires (1966-1977). At this time, Bang Ali Onrust as one of the protected historic site.

Source :Kepulauan Seribu Membangun